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“What the…?”

“So Politically Incorrect!” 

“Is this guy fearless or foolish?” 

Excellent Questions. 

And here is the answer: Jesus Christ.

Now, I am not some sentimental super-saint, and I don’t claim to be better than the next person – but if we believe in something, really believe it, do we keep it quiet? Play the safe game? If so, our sincerity is quickly called into question. (As an aside, the biggest mistake believers in Jesus make is saying or portraying to non-believers, “God will make you good!” and insinuating, “Look at us, we are good now because of Jesus.” Then they see us not being [good/merciful/giving/or, pick your sin]…and our hypocrisy becomes crystal clear. So, actually, it’s the opposite: we are to follow Jesus precisely because we not good, now or after following Jesus. But, his grace covers us if we accept his sacrifice. And we do get a bit better in the process. (Credit Steve Brown for the succinct thoughts!))

So, I am just ‘coming clean.’ I am a Believer, a sinner ‘saved exclusively by God’s grace,’ and only because of God’s love shown through Christ – not because any so-called ‘good’ that I may do. He has invited those who receive Him to call him ‘Heavenly Father’, or actually, ‘Dad’. Wow. (I’m still getting used to that one). It’s pretty cool to be invited into a relationship with the One and Only, the One who conceptualized, created, sustains and sovereignly and benevolently rules over all matter, time and space that there ever was, is, and will be; and yet, He loves us, though he is all-knowing, present everywhere at all times, and all-powerful. He can’t be stopped!

Once you are His, you can never sin His love away. He will hold you for all eternity. You will fall, but over time, he will ‘sanctify’ you, that is, make you more and more like Jesus, until He calls you Home. 

Jesus didn’t leave any wiggle room – he said hard stuff like he was the only way to get to God, that he and God were one in the same and that if you refused to acknowledge him on earth, then he  would not acknowledge you in Heaven (which he said was a real place). 

So, that’s it. God’s kindness, His offer, leads us to Him, and I am just sharing the answer. Many offers are out  there – the most important question you’ll ever ask in this life is, “Is there a God and can I know Him?” 

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He wants you! May your questioning help you personally find the love, acceptance and forgiveness offered by the Answer himself.

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