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Hack Guitar Playing

Yeah, so I’ve been playing longer than my skills show for it, but its a good way to make noise. Started way back at a ‘College Prep’ 2 week summer camp that I was attending (called ‘S.P.E.C.’ (South Piedmont Educational Consortium) at Pfeiffer University (located in where else of all places, Misenheimer, NC)). 

This other attendee dude that was attending was playing the intro to “More Than a Feeling” on his beat up acoustic guitar and I was like ‘cool’. I had an old guitar but didn’t know how to play it, but I brought that thing back the second week of camp and picked up some stuff from him. So, thank you to the unnamed and unknown S.P.E.C. Dude. My playing has been influenced by Tom Scholz, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehley, Angus Young, Ty Tabor, Joe Elliott, Phil Collin, Rex Carroll, Bob Hartman and Michael Sweet. Oh, and Oz Fox, Tony Palacios, Ken Tamplin, SRV, Kirk Hammett and those Skynyrd boys.

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Sunny Day Lead Improv \\ 2:58 min. \\ 2mb

Sinewy guitar over chugging power chords, but listen for the wrong notes (hey, i was improvising over the rhythm, making it up (and making mistakes) as i went!)

Whilst (layered guitar and drum loop) \\ 2:18 min. \\ 2mb

Improv over a simple chugging rhythm i came up with. Decent. With enough searched for/missed notes to keep me humble and honest that I’m really only about a 3 out of 10 player. But I enjoy it.

Burnt Orange \\ :53 sec. \\ 2mb

Mixdown of guitar, in style of a distorted electric lead over an acoustic playing rhythm, a la the ‘1984 rock ballad’ genre

Glint in My Eye \\ 1:48 min. \\ 2mb

Acoustic. Mostly. This may be a Glint in My Eye but may instead be like Sand in Your Ears. I’ll leave the value-determination up to you.

80s Rollup \\ 2:50 min. \\ 2mb

An electric guitar groove, or as some would say, ‘noise’.

Soldiers Under Command (Cover) – Stryper \\ :56 sec. \\ 2mb

First attempt to begin to re-record this classic, rockin’ Stryper song, in progress (and thus parts missing).

Mixdown 01 \\ 1:13 min. \\ 2mb

Electric guitar (surprise) in a moody, airy space

Thursday \\ :39 sec. \\ 463kb


Distortion, dive bombs and the occasional misplaced note 

Drums Hack \\ :57 sec. \\ 122kb 


Drum machine with low quality guitar groove on top

Azure \\ :34 sec. \\ 399kb 


old retro acoustic, sound and recording technology