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Free Photo Collage Software for the Mac

January 9th, 2010 –  Fun,  Mac OS X

free mac photo collage software

The above image was generated with ShapeCollage, which is a great free software program that allows you to create some pretty fancy photo collages, fitting into various shapes (even ones you define yourself) and text barriers. It’s surprisingly quick and very easy to use, basically you just drag and drop images into the application that you want to create your photo collage out of, set the parameters of your collage, and then click ‘create’ to save it at whatever size you want. Does it get much easier to make photo collages?

The  ShapeCollage photo collage software is downloadable for free, but your generated collages will have a tiny watermark embedded in the corner (easily removed with Photoshop or cropped out in Preview). ShapeCollage Pro removes the watermarks and is available for $25, it also adds even more options and features if you’re really serious about making photo collages with your digital images. Check this app out, it’s pretty great.

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It’s worth mentioning that ShapeCollage is completely cross platform compatible, with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and even Java versions available. So if any of your friends are envious of your new cool photo collages that you made, you can share the application with them regardless of what operating system they are using.


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