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Gimme Bar is the name of their brilliant visual booksaving service. Yes, you read right, I said visual bookSAVING, not visual bookmarking. Whenever you  â€˜gimme bar’ a photo/website/recipe/text you save the item. Literally. How? You well, by saving it to your Gimme Bar page and by saving it to your Dropbox account. You  gimmie something and boom, it’s not only on your Gimmie Bar account but also on your hard drive.

Gimme Bar‘s interface is clean and a pleasure to use. It lets you organize your findings in collections, easily follow what your friend’s collections and add their content to yours, all with just a few clicks.

Gimme Bar is still in private Beta but they are opening it up for 3 days for my swissmiss readers, starting today. Take advantage of this and sign up *now*. They’ll close it up again thursday night!