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An Open Letter to The Georgia Republican Party from John Oxendine:

The grassroots work each of you do for the Georgia Republican Party establishes the foundation which allows Georgia families to enjoy the traditional, conservative values we all share and support.  

I will be your Grassroots Governor.  

If you honor me with our nomination, I will work with the grassroots leaders in our party on a regular basis. It will be my posture to seek the consul of our grassroots activists, listen to our local party leaders, and include grassroots Republicans in the decision making process.  

There is a battle for the soul of our Party. I am proud to come from, and will stake my claim with, the true leaders of the Georgia Republican Party – the grassroots.  

I know who built our Party, I know who the heart and soul of our Party is, and I know who I intend to empower in our Party. It is the grassroots – it is you.  

We must do all we can to support our outstanding State Chair Sue Everhart. Sue is leading by example. From Valdosta to Tallulah Falls, West Point to Sandersville, if the GOP is doing an event, you will see Sue leading the way. Sue has done an outstanding job as state chair and we owe her our deepest appreciation and our united and unanimous support for another term as our State Chairman.  

Sue has worked to establish a strong grassroots network across Georgia to bring our conservative values to the people of Georgia. I am very proud to be associated with the Georgia Republican Party and look forward to being of service to contribute to our mission of strengthening Georgia families, protecting free enterprise, and preserving freedom.  

As Governor, I will support a large dollar fundraising event for our Party and proudly so. But, I will also offer a motion, and more importantly provide support and resources, to re-establish a President’s Day dinner, among other events, for our grassroots activists and leaders – at a price that is affordable to an activist not a lobbyist.  

If you honor me with the privilege to serve you as Governor, I will have one morning a month, every month, where I meet with grassroots Georgia Republican party leaders and activists. It will be exclusive to you – the Georgia GOP. I will not give a speech – I will do the listening and I will learn from you. That is my solemn pledge – to respect and listen to the leadership of my Party – YOU!  

The Members of the General Assembly and the taxpayers of Georgia deserve a Governor who will work with both the House and Senate, treat them with respect, and get to work on the hard issues for the taxpayers of Georgia. I will do this.  

Here is my personal e-mail address and cell number which will go to me and not staff. I am accessible. I want to listen to you.  

My direct e-mail:  My direct cell: (404) 734-5738.  

I look forward to earning your trust, confidence, respect and support as I campaign across Georgia. My pledge to each of you is to be a Governor who respects, works with, and unites the General Assembly and honors the grassroots leadership of the Georgia Republican Party.  

We can bring this country back to its Judeo-Christian roots and to the traditional values which make America great.  

Georgians still have no meaningful tax reform, are still stuck in traffic, still have no new major economic development projects, and still trail other states on school test scores.  

My message to Georgia taxpayers: Let’s join together and transform Georgia.

I hope that you will take a minute to pass this message on via Facebook, e-mail, or Twitter to other Republicans.

We are also just above 2,000 members in our Facebook group. The contest is still on for the VIP Hannity ticket. I hope each of you will invite at least five Facebook friends to join this page and boost this number up.

I am honored to have your support, friendship, and prayers.
John Oxendine
Governor 2010