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Blue host seemed to be slow beyond use, for my site load time and also for editing the site. So after some review and counting costs, I decided on siteground over WP engine.

it was a bumpy transition as I had a 4.6gb site to migrate (which their auto migration tool couldn’t handle, the I used all in one migration plug it and it couldn’t import it, then tried file manager in sitegrounds web admin tool, has a limit of 256mb even though knowledge base said there was not a limit (thanks chat) until finally setting up ftp credentials and using their recommended FileZilla for the ftp upload into the all in one folder- took 5.5 hrs but it uploaded. Went back to,site and AIO migration tool and looked in backups, clicked restore and it updated. All done? Not quite.,site wasn’t loading the newly transferred site. Back on chat, he said needed to run the flush cache function, did that, and there it was  whew. Good bc I had just told Beth mills that it was ready for review again.

the other thing is it is hard to get to chat. If the kB can answer it fir you through some hoops the  you finally get to chat,

that said, wow, is it ever faster.#9 much more usaabke. It is managed WP,granted, but at least e-4 times as fast which is huge.