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from AppSumo:

“Obsessively matched font combinations delivered every month, for life (lifetime membership at 1 price)

I’m going to save you a bunch of time:

If the names  “Lucida Sans Unicode” or  “Courier New” don’t mean anything
to you, go ahead and close this page.

You see my friend, today we’re reaching out only to the community of

people known as font fanboys.

You know who you are!

If your knees go weak when I whisper,  “GARAMOND.”

…you might be one of em….the  solution stands before you:


Did you hear that?   I said:    KERNEST.

It takes an obsessive eye to pick which fonts play well together, and

every month a new combination of fonts are delivered to you…complete

with HTML and CSS highlighting.

Most things in life aren’t free, and don’t dare expect Kernest to be.

Kernest charges $15/month for delivering the most obsessively picked

font combinations every month.   This my dear Sumo-ling is…


A fair price for making your clients knees quiver when they see your

stunning work.

But full price makes the AppSumo angry (and hungry).

We have  konvinced  Kernest (through intimidation and force)

to giveaway a  lifetime membership at less than the yearly price.

This means no monthly payments, no yearly payments, no alimony payments,

no NOTHING for life.   Just magical font combinations every month

capable of making an ugly project come to life from beautiful


As you know from past AppSumo promotions, we always get

late-to-the-gamers whining and pleading to let them buy the deal after

it’s over.

The count down timer on AppSumo  does not lie.

If you are a designer, take action NOW to stand out from lifeless design

and stay ahead of the game.   Get your lifetime membership to

Kernest here:


P.S. We also convinced (aka threatened) Kernest to give away the

last FOUR months of font combinations for every lifetime signup through

this deal.   You get them soon as you sign up.”