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New Business

Hi Everyone,
I’d like to know what you are all doing to generate new business. Let’s discuss!


Hello Louanne,

Yep, this is always tricky, huh?! i have recently bought some Marketing/ Communication Mgr. lists, and i have the digital copy of artists market, but still, by far, the ol’ tried and true idea of getting your existing clients to do more, or educating them that you offer more than just brochure or web design, is the fastest track. Easier to up sell (not a word i like, but you get the idea) existing Clients than to acquire new ones. And, of course, pleased Clients hopefully refer your design services to other potential Clients, their friends and colleagues. I also do a monthly email blast (please see this link: < >) to stay in touch, easy to unsubscribe from so that it’s not a pain to them. Thinking about doing a “snail mail” postcard to prospects too.

What about you? What are you doing or considering? Thanks!

Mark Misenheimer

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