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i am an apple iPhone app store junkie, i admit it. so there.

but if any of you have an iphone, i can heartily recommend 2 pass, and more, but these 2 help me a ton:


– Jaadu VNC connect
(security aside, i can see and CONTROL/LAUNCH/VIEW/COPY/EMAIL/etc. completely my desktop computer, from my iPhone, anywhere i am in the world with my iPhone (tough i don’t usu. go all over the world!!!). see pic. that’s my entire live desktop on my iphone, controllable from my iphone in every way. even cmd key shortcuts.

great for those times when you MUST get something from your desktop mac but are away from it. for example, i can email FROM my desktop, say a client a file or something, even if i am not at the computer. not something to replace the “actually being there”, but man, in a pinch, basically like truly amazing. to me at least.

– 1Password (was using ‘Pastor’, thanks to Rob W., on my desktop, but after i needed p/w on my phone AND my desktop, which Pastor did not have, i pulled out a free copy of 1Password, that i had gotten in “one of them bundles of 10 apps for $49”, and man, the sync between the desktop and iPhone version is really handy, as well as other features.

also great:
– appsniper (find on sale and new apps, just feeds the addiction though); airsharing (makes the iphone like a flash drive, carry around samples); tdf time (time, mileage and daily expense keeper); my lists (to do list done right); bibles2go (3 translations and good bookmarking of passages, requires NO internet); Bible (’s version, also good, but requires internet); weighbot; pushupfu; guitar toolkit; FB; nuage paper; what’s on, and some others.