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Measuring Success @ Home!

Vol 2: Issue 2
February  2009
Most of us know how to measure success at work, but what about success at home?  
Home consists of rest, relationships, and recreation and far too often it becomes something we take for granted. So, here’s a tip, START WITH THE END IN MIND!    
Pretend you’re 80; what would you like your photo albums to look like, how about your children’s parenting skills and your physical health?   I know 80 may be 30 to 50 years away for many of you, but it’s important to think about then NOW so you can eliminate future regret and maximize current enjoyment.    
Get a vision by painting a picture in your mind’s eye of what God wants for you.   King Solomon said, “Where the people lack vision, they perish.”  
Here’s my challenge for you: this week get by yourself with pen and paper in hand and answer the three questions from the first paragraph.   After that, take one step toward reaching each of them.  
Remember what these questions are?   Let’s rephrase: When you’re 80:
1.           What would you like your photo albums to look like?
2.           What would you like your children’s parenting skills to look like?
3.           What would you like your physical health to look like?
Start now to reach your goals for the future. For me, one of my photo album dreams is to take our family to the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter to play in the snow.   We’ve dreamed about doing this for 20 years and only have 2-3 more years to pull it off.   So, it’s my vision to do it in January of 2010.   Now that I have that vision in place, I can make the next move, and I will.   What’s your next move?

Andy Christiansen
Andy is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Certified Coach.
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