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Do you ever get to the end of the week and say, “Where did the time go?”  Could you use an extra day to get important things done?  Do you spend more time on urgent tasks and meetings rather than on the important ones?    
Here’s a tool that’s been helpful for hundreds of executives who struggle with “living in the urgent”:  
Do your important tasks and conduct your important meetings before 12 noon every day.
This tool means that tasks like emails and text and phone messages wait until after lunch.   This tool means that tasks like reading the sports page, conversation in the break room, and changing your phone’s ring tone become rewards once IMPORTANT tasks and meetings are completed.    
Try scheduling your next week this way and enjoy being proactive rather than reactive.
“Most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent.”
Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Wonder what urgent and important mean?  URGENT requires speedy action or attention, while IMPORTANT describes great significance or value.  
So, important in the a.m. and urgent in the p.m.  Worth a try?
Andy Christiansen is a Professional Certified Coach and  President of High Capacity Leaders in Atlanta, GA, a progressive coaching organization for high influence leaders.
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